Accelerate, shifting precisely, safely braking: The automotive industry has been relying on our reliable aluminum components for decades. But in many other industries, the trend is increasingly moving towards lightweight construction. Secure a valuable competitive advantage with our products!


Top quality that you can feel immediately: high-precision aluminum components with a high-quality surface design. That is why well-known automobile manufacturers appreciate our expertise in lightweight construction. Fuel saving included!


Precision that saves lives.

It does not matter if you brake steadily or if you suddenly have to apply the brakes forcefully: On the motorcycle, every inch of braking distance is important. That's why BMW, for example, relies on our reliable and safe brake lever component.


Ultralight driving pleasure.

As fast as e-bikes go - they are really not a lightweight vehicle. You'll notice when you have to lift it from the car carrier or carry it down to the cellar. We can help you with this, supplying you with our ultra-light motor housings that significantly reduce the total weight.

Control Unit

Housings for fluid control and for electronic components are becoming more and more important in electromobility. In addition to lightweight construction, functional integration and precise dimensional tolerances also play a major role here.


Our portfolio: From planning to just-in-time delivery of the highest volumes.


Alloys: We perfect your components exactly to your requirements.

CNC machining: We are constantly developing new chip, assembly and testing concepts.