In the case of 595, only aluminum alloys are cast which do not require any primary material. This means that all of our aluminum products are made from 100% recycled material. In addition, aluminum is around three times lighter than steel and thus reduces fuel consumption in many end products. If you consider the environmental impact of a product over its life cycle, aluminum is often one of the most ecologically sensible alternatives.

The same applies to magnesium: Although the material is not yet used widely enough to make it possible to dispense with primary material, the savings in material compared to aluminum are a further 33%. In this way, the components can become even lighter and the end products even more energy-efficient. And: The AZ91 magnesium alloy is 100% genuinely recyclable, i.e. not only down-cycle for low-value products.

That is why we use all of our material stocks completely, because all waste is melted down again immediately.


Our German locations have been producing completely CO2-neutrally since 2022. This means that we not only have a sustainable footprint with our materials, but also with our energy consumption


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