Open to new things, tech-savvy, always an open ear for employees and their ideas - that is what sets our managers apart. With their extensive expertise in metallurgy and their many years of industry experience, they continuously improve our processes and product quality. 595° Solutions is at the forefront of the rapid development of light metal technology - also for your projects.


Achim Sach, managing director

“Our experience, our passion and the constant striving for innovative progress are what drives us every day. This benefits our customers, who can rely on our competence! I always get the best out for my customers. And because we have often worked closely together for many years, a close relationship of trust has developed. The fast, direct communication between our customers and the experts at 595° Solutions is one of our great strengths. That is exactly what makes joint projects so successful. Our customers are always impressed by what we can do for them. Because we always keep our promises - that makes us a flexible, reliable partner”.


Our portfolio: From planning to just-in-time delivery of the highest volumes.


Alloys: We perfect your components exactly to your requirements.

CNC machining: We are constantly developing new chip, assembly and testing concepts.